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Maldives Endless Exotic

A picture – perfect paradise

hotels exotic holidays Maldives A picture – perfect paradise

Sun-kissed beaches with rolling white sands and clear cyan waters, Maldives is a picture-perfect paradise, floating across its 1200 islands on the Indian Ocean. With sparkling white sand beaches, luxurious island resorts and a spectacular underwater world the Maldives is the ultimate travel destination. Maldives have the bluest water and whitest beaches in the world.

Luxurious accommodations

hotels exotic holidays Maldives A picture – perfect paradise

World-class spas, luxury resorts, and exquisite dining are the norm. From guest rooms with infinity pools and private villas that look out to the endless blue and gold horizon, world class accommodations await in the Maldives. Known for its luxurious resorts and villas, the intimacy, exclusivity and serenity offered by this island destination are unrivalled.

Immerse yourself in island life

hotels exotic holidays Maldives A picture – perfect paradise

Experience the legendary beauty and gracious culture of the Indian Ocean islands for less. Maldives also offers guesthouses for an experience which you will be more immersed in island life and culture. Visit any one of the country’s two hundred inhabited islands and observe the unique lifestyle, shaped over millennia.

Unforgettable marine life

hotels exotic holidays Maldives A picture – perfect paradise

And of course, there is the unforgettable marine life of the region, with some of the best snorkeling and diving anywhere in the world! Awake to the sun rising over the azure ocean, snorkel areas of stunning beauty and abundant marine life including Manta rays, Whale sharks, Green, Hawksbill and Olive Ridley turtles as well as Bottlenose and Spinner dolphins.

maldives the world's leading destination 2020

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