Seaside Finolhu 5*

In translation Finolhu means “sandbank”. Opened in 2016, Seaside Finolhu is one of the best beach resorts in Maldives. It stretches across four islands and its beaches are about two kilometres long. Tropical plants line the sandy paths of the main island like in a botanical garden. As a guest in Finolhu you immerse yourself in different worlds, and not just underwater. With its 125 private villas and four restaurants, our resort is as varied as the coral landscape of Baa Atoll.


In the Beach Villas you’re guaranteed to get that Robinson Crusoe feeling. There’s a view of the green garden directly from your bed. Immediately behind it there’s the beach and the turquoise blue sea. Its light colours give this fine 205 m² / 2206 f² garden residence a lightness and freshness. At the back there’s a spacious bathroom with tub and shower and an open-air area where you can look at the stars while you take a shower. Occupancy: 2 Adults + max. 2 Children;

The view from this amazing Lagoon Villa in Maldives over the lagoon with its endless shades of blue is something you’ll never tire of. Here you have 145 m² / 1560 ft² of living space directly on the water, with plenty of room to stretch out and relax on the loungers of your private wooden deck. Your very own jetty leads directly into the sea. Another drink from the fridge perhaps, and your favourite music from the wonderful Marshall sound system? Unbeatable! Occupancy: 2 Adults + max. 2 Children;

During the first few days you’ll hardly be able to sit quietly in this Ocean Pool Villa. You’ll be so thrilled that you’ll want to be taking photos all the time. Photos of the narrow verge between the pool and the sea. Of the sky. Of the pastel shades of the pretty interior. In this 180 m² / 1938 f² villa your holiday directly on the water will be a special experience both day and night. Pole position or pool position? Here you’ve got both! Occupancy: 2 Adults + max. 2 Children;

Private Pool Villa – The secret of life is to take everything a little easier. Here you’ll come a little closer to discovering the secret – and do so barefoot! With its 205 m² / 2206 f² of living space your villa has its own tropical garden, sun loungers on the beach, its own pool between the terrace and the sea and a movie-style outdoor bathroom. After a holiday in this Maldives private villa you’ll feel as light as an ocean breeze! Occupancy: 2 Adults + max. 2 Children;

2 Bedroom Water Villa with Pool – It’s like being on a yacht that doesn’t sway. Joy that doesn’t end. A stay that couldn’t be more heavenly at Finolhu Maldives pool villa. This sums up your holiday by the sea on 460 m² / 4951 f² of living space. In addition to an enormous sun deck, these villas also have a pool with a length of eight metres, king-size beds in the two main bedrooms and two luxurious bathrooms. Wi-fi connects you to the outside world so you can also amaze your friends on social media. Occupancy: 2 Adults + max. 2 Children;

2 Bedroom Beach Villa with Pool – Have you ever dreamed of being amongst best water villas in Maldives on a white sandy beach? This one will make your dreams come true. It’s 530 m² / 5705 f² in size, suitable for families or a group of friends. All the rooms are whitewashed and perfectly equipped in light, summery colours. There are two master bedrooms, separate bathrooms, a 10-metre pool and a view to die for of the sunset side of Finolhu. You can relax with a drink on your own private beach. The opportunities are endless here – from open-air dinners to a private party with butler service. Occupancy: 2 Adults + max. 2 Children;

2 Bedroom Rockstar Villa – These Maldives luxury villas are reminiscent of a quote from Oscar Wilde, the rock star among writers: “One should give in to temptations. Who knows if they will come again.” Our Rockstar villa is perhaps the most beautiful temptation in the Maldives. It’s located at the very end of the jetty and, as you might suspect, everything here is a little larger than life. 460 m² of living area. Two spacious master bedrooms. An 8-metre long pool, infinity of course. Your own wine bar. Bathrooms with tub and outside showers, a 40 inch flatscreen TV and much, much more. And of course the sea, as far as the eye can reach. Ideal for families and friends. Occupancy: 4 Adults + max. 4 Children;

Restaurants and Bars

It’s quite possible that you’ll experience a spectacle here as early as breakfast time – for example when a group of dolphins takes centre stage. At the Baa Baa Diner you’ve got a front-row seat. Located right by the sea, our diner is the culinary centre of Finolhu. In the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening international dishes are freshly prepared at various sections of the buffet. A wide selection of dishes delights vegans, vegetarians, fish fans and meat lovers alike. On various evenings, our chef and his team serve themed specialties: Italian, Asian, Maldivian, Seafood and more. Really delicious!

This is our fine-dining restaurant. At Kanusan the culinary focus is Asian. The restaurant is located right in the Indian Ocean and can be reached via a short wooden jetty. It has its own bar where you can enjoy an aperitif while you get in the mood for dinner. And you can do this either on the outside veranda or inside the restaurant, which is atmospherically showcased with dimmed light. A place for romantics, where anything can happen while you enjoy authentic Asian flavours. A marriage proposal, for example. Dinner: 7.30 pm – 10.30 pm;

At the BaaHaa Grill our chefs take you on a culinary trip to North Africa. A sensuous feast for the palate, for the nose and even for the ears, when the sound of the fresh meat sizzling on the table mixes with the lapping of the waves. Maghreb spices such as cardamom, cumin, nutmeg, cinnamon and turmeric unfold an all-round feeling of wellbeing – for example in a tajine or delicious mezze dishes containing fish, meat and vegetables – and perhaps the best Hummus outside Tunisia and Morocco. Dinner: 7.30 pm – 10.30 pm

Just a minute. Doesn’t this little Crab Shack, made of wooden planks, remind us of our dream of living on a desert island? Who strolls from the main island over the sandbank, reaches it in approx. 20 minutes – a great walk. At noon you can enjoy shrimp in the sun with a glass of wine or just have a drink and a few snacks. Lunch: 12.30 pm – 3.30 pm. Bar: 12.30 pm – 5.00 pm;

Beach Bar – This is where it all happens. If you want to hear laid-back sounds you can enjoy the music here from early in the morning until late in the evening. Exotic cocktails to the beats of top DJs? Off to the Beach Bar! Pool parties inspired by the slogan “White nights? Off to the Beach Bar! A marriage proposal on our upper deck directly under the starry sky? Off to the Beach Bar. Performances by world-class artists? Off to the Beach Bar. Or just lying in a hammock and letting the music flow over you? Off to the Beach Bar.” Yes, as you’ve probably noticed, the Beach Bar is the unmistakable heart of the resort. It gives Finolhu a further unmistakable feature among the resorts in the Maldives – it’s as if this bar comes with a touch of Ibiza and Mykonos. In its indoor and air-conditioned section film classics and international sporting events are shown live – after all, there are events you enjoy sharing with other people. Beach Bar: 10.00 am – 1.00 am. Beach Club: 10.00 am – 6.00 pm;

Wherever your journey takes you in Finolhu, you’ll always pass by the Milk Bar. What could be more convenient? A milkshake after a game of tennis. A protein drink after your workout or an espresso when you take a break. Our Milk Bartender is looking forward to your visit! Opening Hours: 9.00 am – 6.00 pm;

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